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LuxApply Framework

LuxApply is a software-as-a-service solution to receive and review online applications for internships, fellowships, scholarships, and residency programs.

LuxApply can be customized and deployed to any client’s specific needs based on the service plan selected.

We maintain and host your LuxApply deployment at whatever web address you need.

LuxApply has a flexible framework and basic process modules that we can deploy in any order.

We use the following words and definitions in our framework:


One internship, scholarship, fellowship or residency position. One individual can occupy one position within an opportunity or program.


An internship, scholarship, fellowship or residency opportunity, which may have multiple positions. An opportunity has one description covering all positions in the opportunity.


An internship, scholarship, fellowship or residency program, which may have multiple opportunities, each with one or multiple positions. An program has one description covering all opportunities within the program.


Applications or applicants can be excluded for failure to meet specific criteria.


Reviews involve individuals proving scores and/or comments based on their judgements.


Matching involves a computer algorithm, the LuxApply Algorithm, to sort between the rank order list of the applicant and the opportunity staff. There is judgment involved in creating the rank order list, but the assignment of applicants to positions is not based on reviewer comments and/or scores.

The relationship between program, opportunity, and position in the LuxApply framework is illustrated below. For some clients, opportunity and program are the same thing. For other clients, position and opportunity are the same thing. All of these scenarios can be accommodated within this flexible framework.

LuxApply has two basic modular processes which can be deployed in any combination: A Review Process and a Match Process. We can deploy a hybrid approach with reviews and/or matches at different phases. For simplification, the Review Process and Match Process are illustrated separately below.

Sample Review Process:

Sample Match Process:

Select Features and Screenshots

Custom Online Applications

Your LuxApply deployment will match your brand and process, so you can focus on finding the best applicants for your internships, fellowships, and residency programs.

Automatic Collection of Reference Letters, Etc.

Eliminate the busywork of tracking paper applications, recommendation letters, reviewer feedback, spreadsheets, etc. 

Custom Review Forms and Methodologies.

Illuminate your best applicants with the review or matching process that suites your program. Reviewers can login and review assigned applications then comment, rank, and/or score each application according to your preferred process.